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This type of service can be used any time when there is the flexible labour requirement. This may concern seasonal labour, labour during the furlough season, production boost or even as the solution of sickness absence of your personnel. The service might also be employed on a long-term basis when there is the urgency for labour requirement increase at the period when the nature of your activity calls for it. We are able to provide experienced, professionally skilled employees, with years of experience and those who possess specified certification for any kind of production. We specialize in engineering professions, however, where appropriate, we are able to provide personnel of other qualifications at once (e.g. lines operators, common labour for multiple stores, other unskilled labour, etc.)


  • complex processing and keeping of personnel and wages administration of temporarily allocated labour force (administratively simple employment, free of labour-law acts both at the establishment and termination of an employment contract)
  • possibility of dynamic managing of the personnel status depending on your needs (you can always have just as many employees as you need at present to effectively ensure the production and smoothness of the operation process)
  • hired personnel costs are not to appear in your labour costs, we charge you for the service provided
  • no costs for the search and selection of the personnel
  • easier planning of human resources; higher flexibility; no need to increase your permanent staff
  • acquiring a proven employee- a specialist/expert in the profession required
  • posssibility to exchange/replace an unsatisfactory hired person operatively
  • easy /convenient managing of the hired personnel through our executive (a foreman/ supervisor – this person can be permanently present in your workplace)
  • possibilty to transfer the hired employee to become your permanent staff member
  • posibility to "hire" an employee for "a trial period" of a day at our expense
  • We offer following professions

    Lathe operators, welders, locksmiths, grinders (flatwise, roundwise), millers, planers, horizontal boring machine operators, vertical boring mill operators, assembly workers, painters, assmebly line operators and others.

    Our personnel equipment

    • Our own means of protection and safety and an overall
    • Safety training
    • Accommodation in the location of work