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What to follow when choosing a personnel agency

Personnel agencies play ever more important role in employment mediation. More and more companies offering jobs approach the agencies as well as more and more of those looking for a job actively. Thus, personnel agencies are logical mediators between the potential employers and employees. Therefore, there are numbers of personnel agencies in the market. They differ from one another in professional specialization, type of services, promptness of services provided, standard and quality of work carried out, price for services, seriousness and prestige in the personnel market. That is why it is vital for every potential employer and obviously the candidate as well to consider carefully which personnel agency they should entrust the demand to.

If the personnel agency is selected inappropriately, the client might spend long time interviewing the applicants he does not need. Or else, he will see no candidates. Thus, he can start from the beginning again and the costs of searching increase unproportionally. On the other hand, appropriately selected personnel agency saves not only money but also time and difficulties by introducing a potential employer suitable and quality candidates who are in accordance with the client´s ideas.

A personnel agency is to observe the legislative stated in the Labour Code, eventually in the Employment Law. If not, it is considered a levity and such unlawful conduct may cause a lot of problems to all parties concerned. Reputable personnel agencies conclude labour-law relations with all their employees: employment contract or contract of services. The employees are fully entitled to sickness benefit and holiday leave. Personnel agencies also pay the employees´ social, health and annuity insurances. They pay out salary properly and on schedule, extend the period of validity of the professional licence, improve qualification of their employees or faciliate their contingent retraining etc.

The permitted activity of employment mediation of every personnel agency shall be authorized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The Ministry grants permission for the period of free years. Afterwards, the agency shall ask for the permission again.

Personnel agencies employ their own expert consultants. The basic mission of personalistic is to optimise work thinking and human behaviour. Therefore, personnel officers are to be educated constantly, they are to provide the job applicants with the feedback, to encourage their effort when looking for the optimum utilization of their skills and premises. It is essential for the consultant to have a perfect survey of the specifics of the particular employment market, to understand the needs and demands of the potential employer (if appropriate, to help him to create the profile of the position requested) and at the same time, to be able to evaluate the applicant´s qualities not only from the professional point of view. Thus, the standard of service of the personnel agency is directly proportional to the standard and proficiency of the consultants of the agency . This is the principal criterion for making distinctions among individual specialized agencies.