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RODYCH personnel agency is always your employer. Employment or analogous relation is contracted between you and the personnel agency. The personnel agency solely is authorized to make all legal acts in this area. It is also the agency that pays out the wage to you.

As an employee of RODYCH personnel agency, what legal basis is my work based on?

Questions of temporary allocation of employees of a personnel agency are regulated in both the Employment Law and the Labour Code. Our company respects and keeps all legislative conditions and terms of agency employment.

What are my guarantees as an employee of RODYCH personnel agency?

As an employee of a personnel agency in employment you are entitled to the same standards as if you were in conventional employment. Apart from the remuneration claim for work done, our company pays your social and health insurances. Thus, you have a holiday entitlement. In case of illness, you have the right to a sick leave and sick pay. In terms of the labour-law relations with our agency, we enable you to self-improve and to extend your qualification (e.g.national welding licence or other qualification extension).

How much will I pay for your services?

You, as an agency employee, pay nothing for our services. We are not authorized by law to claim any fees from you for an employment mediation.

Who will provide organizational backup of my employment in the respective company?

You have a posibility to contact your section foreman regarding any matter throughout the period of temporary allocation. He is to concern about the entire organisation of your work, about communication with the company in question, he shall protect your interests.

How long does my temporary allocation to the respective company as an employee of RODYCH personnel agency take?

Temporary allocation depends on the requirement of the respective company. You get this information at the formation of the labour relation. Before terminating your current temporary allocation, you will be always kept informed about a job offer in another company in advance. Which means, your labour relation may last even several years.

Does RODYCH personnel agency also allocate its employees to foreign companies?

Every employee of our company has an opportunity to work abroad. However, he is to fulfil some conditions. Particularly, these include reliability, good working morals, quality labour performance. It is also necessary to do fixed term in our company in the Czech Republic first.

I wonder if RODYCH agency pays travel expenses.

We pay our employees expense allowance (travelling expenses and subsistence allowance) for their official journeys when they are sent to the particular company, based on the properly filled in official travel order. This applies to both the employees working in our country and those working abroad.

What benefits, for me as an employee of the RODYCH company, arise from the labour-law relation?

We are a reputable personnel agency and therefore, among others, you can expect us to remit salary to your current account on due time, warranty of social and health insurance taxes payment. We provide our personnel with their own protective and safety equipment and overall (working clothes). We provide OHS training and lodgings at the location of work. We pay our employees expense allowance (travelling expenses and subsistence allowance) when sending them to work. We offer an attractive job abroad after the training in.